Here for sale is a series 2a , 88" Classic Land Rover , we are selling it for restoration.

This  Land rover comes with the 3 number and 3 letter registration number 547BWT and we do have the V5 registration documant.

The land rover belonged to one of our local customers and was later then passed on to his son .

It was used to tow the family caravan and when the owner was moving house it had to go and that is when we got it.

It is a 1962 model land rover and it has been fitted with a Ford V6 "Essex" engine using a Steve Parker adaptor kit .This type of engine gives a good amount of power for the land rover. Exhaust sytems are still available for these conversions.

It is fitted with Avon Traction mileage tyres and also has Fairey freewheeling hubs .

The vehicle will need all the usual things doing in oder to recommision it, e.g , brake overhaul , service, exhaust , replacement door tops,  some chassis repairs and maybe the bulkhead .Alternativly now you can get a new series 2 bulkhead to give it back its originality.

The bulkhead was previously replaced using a series 3 type in the days when series 2 bulkheads were not available and at the same time  series 3 wings were also fitted. The series 2 radiator grill panel has been left on so the lamps could be refitted to that position if required.

We have now got some earlier wings and loosly fitted them in position so you can see what it now looks like .

This land Rover for sale is in "as is" condition for restoration and it will require work to get it back on the road.

An ideal father and son project !

We can arrange transport if required.

Ring us on 0943863530 ask for John Wright