• Land Rover Series 2a is at Jake Wright Land Rover outside the showroom .

Here for sale is a very very nice Classic Land Rover Series 2a Lightweight ,Airportable.

The airportable Classic land rover or "lightweight" as it became known was designed for transporting by helicopters and could also be carried two abreast in transport aircraft.

The Lightweight was heavier than a standard land rover but could be partly dismantled for transportation and retained standard running gear and components.

The series 2a lightweight's were built between 1968 and 1972 ..

The lightweight went on to become the standard shortwheel base vehicle for the British army as well as other armies around the world .

( When we started the Jake Wright business all we mainly bought and sold were army lightweight's so we do have a lot of knowledge on these types of land rover )

RCT 820H – Rare 1971 Land Rover Series IIA Lightweight. Headlamp in grille, only 24,798 miles.
One of approximately 2,000 Series 2A Lightweight / Air portable / Rover 1 Land Rovers.
This particular FFR example served with the Royal Navy (Military reg No 26 RN 88) and has been enthusiast owned since demob in 1980.
Drives as it should. There is a huge history file with the vehicle, including over 20 old MOT certificates to support the 24798 recorded miles. MOTs have been carried out even though not compulsory. 
There were no advisories on most recent MOT.
Other documentation includes build date letter (from Land Rover UK), Letter from Beverley Museum of transport (Confirming Royal Navy use), copy of original chassis number record from Land Rover and copy of user handbook.
Also included – 13 pages of service records – detailing all work carried out by previous owners, including a complete rebuild from October 1998 to June 1999 – the main part of which was the fitting of a brand new military spec chassis.
Because of the above – The Land Rover is in exceptional condition for its age – with as you would expect a rust free chassis and bulkhead.
Finished in Nato Green, with original spec hood., Smiths square heater, 7.50 x 16 tyres, bridging plate, and Nato rear hitch.

Not many “Headlamp in the grill” Lightweights come up for sale – and fewer in this condition with all the correct little details .

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