Land Rover Series 2a , 1963 ,SORRY NOW SOLD TO WARWICKSHIRE

    • Land Rover series 2a is on Ilkley moors near the cow and calf rocks

Here for sale is a very nice series 2a land rover with 2.25 petrol engine.

This Land Rover was previously owned by an elderly gentleman who was no longer able to use it .

It is a very nice example of a series 2a in useable condition. with all the correct series 2a features.

It is unusual in that it has a "Tropical roof" (extra skin to prevent the sun from heating up the interior)) This roof is not from a Land Roevr Station Wagon as there are no vents or alpine lights fitted.

The other interesting feature is that there is an extra fuel tank fitted under the passenger seat with correct changeover tap on the bulkhead. It doesn't appear to be an EX Army Land Rover so it makes me think it may have been an export model.

The bulkhead is sound and the footwells have been replaced sometime in the past.

We have carried out work in order to get it up and running again as it had not been used for a few years .

The chassis is sollid and we have replaced the rear crossmember and carried out some small repairs on the front chassis legs.

We have overhauled the brakes and new cylinders and shoes have been fitted .as required.

We have fiitted a new set of front seats which complement the originality and good looks of the rest of the vehicle. 

All the door frames are in good condition including the reatr top flap and we have replaced the door tops .

The land rover steers and stops just as it should with no wondering on the road .

We have fitted newly painted wheels to match the hard top and these are fitted with radial tyres which are in as new condition.

A new weber carburettor has been fitted to give smooth running and good fuel ecoonomy.

We can remove the hardtop and fit a full length sof top if required .

All in all this is a very good looking useable series 2a land rover in which a new owner can have some fun taking the dog out or going for a ride with the kids on a sunday afternoon..

We can fit all sorts of extras including the following -

Soft top.

Overdrive for higher cruising speed .

Freewheel front hubs for economy.


Rear bench seats.

Front seat belts

side windows,


Please get in touch for any further info , etc .

Ask to speak with john wright  01943 863530 ( I work on the vehicles as well as buy and sell them so i can answer any technical questions that you may have )?

We can arrange UK delivery and we ship worldwide.