Here for sale is a very original lightweight which has not been messed about with in any way , it just looks like the day it was released from the army.

The airportable land rover or "lightweight" as it became known was designed for transporting by helicopters and could also be carried two abreast in transport aircraft.

The Lightweight was heavier than a standard land rover but could be partly dismantled for transportation and retained standard running gear and components.

The series 2a lightweight's were built between 1968 and 1972 ..

The lightweight went on to become the standard shortwheel base vehicle for the British army as well as other armies around the world .

They were produced in 12 or 24 volt form and this one is the 12 volt GS model .

( When we started the Jake Wright business all we mainly bought and sold were army lightweight's so we do have a lot of knowledge on these types of land rover )

This one was built on the 31st december 1968 and despatched on the 9th january 1969 to the Central Army Vehicle Depot at fetham .

It is understood to have been with the Reserve Parachute Regiment based in Leeds.

The vehicle was cast from the army in 1975 and sold through the Ordnance depot at Ruddington near Nottingham .

A friend of mine bought this when he found it in a building which housed a colection of military vehicles a few years ago , he then kept it a while again inside and only used it when he or his son used it to go shooting.

We then sold it on his behalf to a vintage vehicle enthusiast and he has reluctantly decided to sell it as he wasn't using it very often .

Whislt he has owned it the carburettor and distributor have been overhauled .The brakes have just been overhauled also and it has recently has passed it's MOT .

A great collectable original Lightweight 

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