Land Rover Repairs in Ilkley Yorkshire

    • series one engine being fitted into an 80" land rover
    • 1600 land rover engine being reconditoned seen here on the engine stand in our workshop
    • welding on a land rover bulkhead being carried out in our workshop
    • Land rover discovery 2 ball joint is being heated up with an oxy acetylene torch prior to removal
    • Land rover discovery 2 hub is being removed from the swivel housing using a slide hammer
    • land rover series two  having work carried out to the steering
    • land rover 110 camel trophy land rover which had a crash is having a new chassis fitted
    • welding land rover bulkhead door pillars and footwell
    • pressure washing land rover V8 engine before fitting it into the new land rover chassis

We carry out repairs on all types of Land Rover's including Series and Defenders through to Range Rover's.

We can repair land rover engines as well as other mechanical parts and we also  carry out repairs to chassis and bulkheads.

Our Land rover knowlege is immence and so can advise the best course of action to take when a problem arises.

We also carry out pressure washing and can waxoyl the undersides of the Land Rover to give longer protection against corrosion