• land rover series 2a in our workshop has just come from a farm

Here are some pics of a refurb we have just carried out on a series 2a land rover diesel on behalf of a farmer in North Yorkshire.

The land rover has been stood in a farm yard for 20 years and the farmer had decided to get this land rover up and running again to use around the farm in place of an elderly japaneese pickup .

He did'nt want to get a newer vehicle in order to keep maintenance simpler in the  future.

The land rover is an ex army land rover and so whilst it was manufactured in 1968 it was registered for civilian use in 1979 with an R registration number

Well our original brief was to re-chassis the land rover and recommision it just as it was for work around the farm , but as work progressed the owner asked for more and more work to be done which is why we have ended up with this excellent series 2a land rover !.