Land Rover Chassis swaps

    • land rover defender chassis swap being carried out on a Land rover Defender

Here at Jake Wright's we carry out Land Rover chassis swaps in Yorkshire using Marsland , Richard's and XD Chassis.

Marsland's modify chassis made by GKN who are suppliers to landrover and they modify the chassis to suit our requirements ,Richard's and XD produce their own.

We would suggest that simply galvanising the frame is not good enough protection for the land rover as over time the zinc in the galvanising will oxidise and we have seen in the past that the zinc will dissappear complely then allowing the land rover chassis to rust away.We also think that leaving a land rover chassis in the galvanised finish doesnt look very good, is none original and particularly after a couple of years use it will not look very good at all.

As a minimum we suggest that we either coat the galvanised land rover chassis with a special etching sollution and then apply black paint or that we simply waxoyl it.

We usually suggest that we purchase a bare metal land rover chassis which we will then take to the galvanisers who in the same factory will also correctly prepare and powder coat it in a satin black finish.

This gives a better than original appearance as well as giving another coating and so stopping oxidisation. We have been using this method for 5 years now with great results .

The first land rover we did using this method is still looking good and is used regularly all year round with no signs of corrosion and no damage to the powder coating.

At the same time as we carry out the Land Rover chassis swap most customers will also ask for other related work to be carried out on the land rover  , e.g. new clutch , new fuel tank , new shocks , exhaust , suspension bushes, radiator, brake pipes, etc ,etc

This means that the underside of the Land Rover will be well prepared to last for many years to come.

We are not trying to be the quickest or the cheapest in swapping land rover chassis as we prefer to take the necessary time and skill to make the vehicles last as long as posible and so always making sure that the customer is happy with the end results.

Please enquire about our Land rover chassis swapping service and take a look at the pics on here.

We can also supply Land Rover chassis for export and can load shipping containers ,as can be seen in one of the pictures,  please enquire

Finance is available for these chassis swaps and other upgrades, please enquire using the Pegasus link here on our page .